Did you know?

100 years ago
April 24, 1907

The Promenade Committee suggested that the engineering societies select a corner of the dance hall and decorate it with their insignia and colors on prom night. This, they hoped, would solve the decoration problem and be a unique feature. Sounds like a great plan. Except why would anyone want to go to a prom after high school?

50 years ago
April 30, 1957

According to one Tartan writer, the start of Carnival put an end to the incessant questioning of first-years about what to expect. Carnegie Mellon celebrated the annual event with many a jovial student enjoying the time off from formal classes. I sure bet those lucky little lads and lassies learned some life lessons, though! Also in the news, many students absent from Monday exams, suffering inexplicable headaches and retching.

25 years ago
April 20, 1982

Organizations proudly named their buggies. Here are some of the year’s entries: The Cyclone, Falcon, Streak, Diffusion, Flying Buttress, Leroy, Pegasus, Blue Haze, Déjà vu, Black Magic, Black Death, White Witch, White Lightening. The less successful entries: Slow Death, Not Yet, Shadow, Solar Shadow, Land Shark, and Python. If you’re going to name a buggy, at least name it something that sounds fast: Cheetah, Gazelle, Autobahn, or RUNYourPantsAreOnFire.

10 years ago
April 22, 2002

Carnival was underway and there were activities for all audiences: Pika and Fringe placed first and second, respectively, in both the men’s and the women’s buggy competitions. Delta Upsilon, Kappa Alpha Theta, and the Asian Student Association won for booth. Others participated in Holi and slip and slides. It was one of the few times that year that the majority of Carnegie Mellon students were not busy at work.

5 years ago
April 29, 2002

An officer responded to reports of a rowdy fraternity. Upon arrival, the policeman saw a stuffed chair on fire on the patio — while the brothers of the house attempted to beat it with boards and douse it with water. It was 4:24 a.m., and the brothers stated that a cigarette “or something” had accidentally dropped on it and set it alight. The house was issued an internal citation for the external fire.

1 year ago
April 24, 2006

Five people staged a protest outside of the Collaborative Innovation Center. One was banging on a drum and another was using a bullhorn. Their plan, they told the police, was to be stationed there for a few days. They had a permit for both the bullhorn and the drums. Now that is some responsible collaborative innovation.