Everything you need to know

**Dear Janet,

I recently got a great opportunity to go live in Japan for one to two years. I’m very excited about this and think it could be very good for me. However, some of my friends and family are against it because they don’t want me to be so far away. I understand their concerns, but I’ve thought this through very carefully and it really is the best course for me right now. How can I help my loved ones see what a great experience this will be and how important it is to me that I get their blessing?

—Guilty to Go

Dear GTG,**

You’ve made up your mind, and you’re figuring out yen conversion rates, you’re excited to pick up all those Japanese-only video games to ship to your friends at home. All you’re searching for is the approval and support of your friends and family. Here’s what I think, GTG: drop this guilty crap. When else in your life can you pick up and go to Japan besides in your early 20s? I mean, please. If you can’t have an experience like this now when you’re not tied down, when will you? I’m sure your friends and family will miss you, but what do they expect you to do, hang around Pittsburgh and deliver pizzas for the next two years? Explain to them that this is your chance to see the world and explore what you want to do with your life. They love you. They’ll support you. They’re just worried about missing you.


Dear Janet,

I actually have kind of an awkward question for you. I don’t know if it’s appropriate for the advice column. So, you know when you’re sleeping in bed with a guy and neither of you wants to make out and that’s fine? So, boys get erections as soon as they fall asleep, is the thing. And I always feel weird and self-conscious about it. Do you notice?

—Hugs Are Really Desirable

Dear HARD,**

Honestly, I think boys think girls notice erections more than girls actually do. I really wouldn’t worry about it: If you’re cuddled up sleeping with a girl, especially if nothing sexual is happening, her attention is going to be elsewhere. Enjoy it! And honestly, so what if she does notice? It’s 2007. I doubt she’ll have an attack of the vapors or something if confronted with Mother Nature’s handiwork. We all know how bodies work. So get some sleep!