Tartan Q&A

  • MB = Michelle Bova | Contributing Editor
  • JB = Justin Brown | Photo Editor
  • RC = Rachael Clemmons | Staffwriter
  • SM = Sarah Mogin | Pillbox Editor
  • LS = Liz Schwartz | Managing Editor
  • LT = Laura ThorĂ©n | Staffwriter

Do you think the Grammys are an accurate reflection of the best in music today? Why or why not?

LT: Yes, because I love Kelly Clarkson and she won last year.

JB: No. See: "My Humps."

MB: I feel like the talented among the well-labeled and manufactured succeed, but the talented among the not-so-well-labeled do not succeed.

SM: I feel like it's a life-imitates-art/art-imitates-life kind of thing. Except instead of art, it's the Grammys. Oftentimes it seems like people gain the most popularity [ITAL]after[ITAL] they win awards.

LS: The awards themselves should be renamed "Most [ITAL]Listened to[ITAL] Artist/Record/Song/etc. of the Year."

Is the Police reunion really worth the hype?

RC: Sting is in that, right?

SM: Hearing the Police on [ITAL]The Office[ITAL] was way better.

LS: Yes.

Which artist got robbed the worst? Which artist got what they deserved?

RC: Justin Timberlake deserved some type of award for [ITAL]FutureSex/LoveSounds[ITAL]. That album is hot. As in, it is on fire. As in, as much as I love John Mayer, Justin should have won best pop album.

LS: Does it really matter?

How 'bout them Dixie Chicks?

RC: Seriously, I didn't even know that they were still out. I thought they got kicked out of the country or something.

LT: Dixie Chicks is a contradictory name because they are Democrats and they are not baby chickens.

SM: I can't name (or hum) a single song by them. I'd totally forgotten that they even existed. It was weird.

LS: Dixie Chicks? I don't understand the question, and I'm not going to respond to it.

What are your predictions for next year's Grammys?

RC: I think if Imogen Heap starts to dress better, she'll get an award, because her music deserves it but her outrageous outfits do not. Hopefully, Britney Spears' supposed comeback won't warrant any nominations.

LT: I will win Best Rap Album.

LS: Really great artists that I enjoy and listen to will win awards. Then, hell will freeze over.