Did you know?

100 years ago
February 13, 1907

The Tartan was hoping to encourage student participation. An article read, “this paper is not a one-man show, but a student organ.” While it’s likely that the writer meant a musical organ, evidence points to the contrary. In other news from this time, Lindsey McFeeley filed a complaint to police officials about a stolen spleen.

50 years ago
February 12, 1957

According to an advertisement, purchasing a Sonic Capri phonograph is the ticket to popularity. Citing a case study, the ad claimed that Jack, who recently bought the Sonic Capri, immediately became the biggest B.M.O.C. ever. The ad insisted that we too can join Jack and become the biggest B.M.O.C.s. Too bad Sonic Capri’s not in business anymore, as it would have been interesting to find out how there can be two biggest men on campus.

25 years ago
February 9, 1982

A conflict continued on whether to move WRCT to a different frequency in reaction to the possibility of Pitt having their own station. While the on-the-air dispute was still up in the air, but WRCT held its ground and refused to switch to a commercial band. At the same time, WRCT was dealing with a new requirement that they use a 100 watt radio. Just after Carnegie Mellon filed for a 100 watt increase, Pitt filed for a 300. Watt a bunch of one-uppers!

10 years ago
February 10, 1997

The Student Senate officially recognized the Spirit of Skibo, a club attempting to encourage school spirit and pride. President Eric Borts couldn’t have been happier to see his organization come to life; he exclaimed, “I’m totally psyched!” Borts made some nice predictions: “We’re here to stay,” he said. “We’re serious about sticking around for awhile.” Unfortunately, the Spirit of Skibo is now just a dead spirit.

5 years ago
February 11, 2002

The H&SS job fair began with a significant change: barely anyone showed up. Wiegand Gym looked more like a ghost town than a recruiting event; empty booths were coupled with a surprisingly low number of H&SS job-seekers. Compared to the recent BOC, it’s hard to believe that so few students cared about their futures. Then again, it’s also strangely pleasing to know that there was a time when students weren’t internship lunatics.

1 year ago
February 20, 2006

A university employee stated that someone stole his shoes from his unlocked locker in the UC. He did not want to file a report, however. Really? I thought he would want to be present when the police recovered his stinky old sneakers.