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Carrie Bradshaw, antiheroine

Sanyu: Sex and the City marginalizes women into two categories: those who have sex “like men” and those who don’t. In addition, the show’s narrator and driving force may write better than most, but aside from a shoe collection that could dress the entire city, she has little success in her relationships and often proves the cause of most of her dating problems. Carrie Bradshaw is skinny and cute at best, but she allows her fear of commitment to rule her love life and compromises her “strong woman” convictions to please an often unappreciative, unfocused Mr. Big. In spite of these damning flaws, Sex and the City has become more than a well-written HBO series and some women even swear by more than Carrie’s fashion sense.

Many women, even those as distrusting and defensive as Carrie, prefer a medium between sex and love. Not all of us glamorize the idea of having a Mr. Big, especially at a time when boundless freedom and raging hormones run rampant in an unsupervised environment.

Justin: I’ve never seen a full episode of Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker is totally not attractive, girls are twisted, and girls in groups who talk are scary as hell. Also, girls who watch TV and movies and go “I want that” need to wake up and smell the inherent corruption in people and screenwriters.

The Vogue quandary

Sanyu: Print media and television upholds an unhealthy standard of beauty that leads many young women on an exhausting and demoralizing wild goose chase towards an unrealistic ideal. The increasing visibility of stringy supermodels suggests that a woman has to embody a warped version of perfection in order to feel beautiful. In reality, physical appearance plays a large role in attractiveness, but it is imperative to note that the scale of attractiveness differs from person to person, and personality defines a person much more than looks do.

Justin: Cosmo and company are seriously destroying society. No girl or woman will ever look as “perfect” as an airbrushed, Photoshop-breast-enhanced image that adorns magazines and billboards and advertisements that are forced into our visual experience every day. Just be comfortable with yourself. That’s a LOT more attractive than being dead.

Getting physical

Sanyu: The myth that says girls move slower than guys is uninformed and generalized. I cannot speak for the entire female population, but an increasing amount of young women are embracing their sexual freedoms when they enter college. The decision to advance sexually with a partner depends upon intentions, so if a girl does not seek a long-lasting relationship with a guy, she may be more likely to advance at a faster pace.

Justin: Yeah, some girls need to settle down a little bit. I cannot believe I’m saying that as a guy. Girls at this age are just growing into their mature selves and becoming comfortable with it. As guys are coming down off the “ohmigosh need sex now!” hormone kick, girls are just starting up a similar path.


Sanyu: No relationship can sustain itself without communication between both members, so the best way to ensure a lasting relationship is to remain clear as to where the relationship is going. On average, girls talk more than twice as much as guys do and this can cause problems in a relationship, so both members must actively communicate their feelings with one another even if articulating may not always be easy.

Justin: Talking is hard, especially when it’s actually about something important and at-hand. Guys will drag their feet a little bit — don’t let this stop you from (patiently) pushing. Most will come around eventually. YELLING DOESN’T HELP ANYTHING.