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Campusfood.com has been indulging college students’ voracious appetites (and utter laziness) since 1997. The online company, which calls itself a “virtual food court,” has taken the work out of ordering food for delivery. Forget the hassle of searching for misplaced menus and the inconvenience of having to speak to an actual human being on the phone — with Campusfood.com, delivery menus are always at your fingertips, and your General Tso’s chicken is just a few clicks away.

With finals quickly approaching, time is of the essence, which can make campus eateries (and their lines) seem even less appealing. So if you find yourself wanting to order in, our guide to the top five dishes on Campusfood.com should be to your advantage.

1. Deluxe Buffalo Chicken Hoagie, Parma Pizza $5.79 for 8," $8.99 for 16"

With its breaded chicken, spicy buffalo sauce, melted provolone, and buffalo fries, the buffalo chicken hoagie is a Pittsburgh classic — and for good reason. This hoagie strikes the perfect balance between heat and flavor, crunchiness and gooeyness. Though you can order this delectable sub from several of Campusfood.com’s pizza joints, only Parma Pizza offers the deluxe version, which comes with tomatoes, lettuce, and onions for even more flavor. Parma’s deluxe buffalo chicken hoagie also comes with blue cheese dressing, but those uncomfortable with eating moldy cheese can feel free to request a substitute.

2. Large Pizza and Breadsticks Special, Parma Pizza $7.99

Parma’s pizza is for cheese lovers and sauce lovers alike. It is unquestionably a pie of excess — the pizza has a nearly impenetrable layer of mozzarella with a veritable lava pit of sauce underneath. The breadsticks (included with the pizza) are well-seasoned and soft, and come with a marinara dipping sauce. The food is great, but the best part about this dish is the deal. At $7.99, you and your roommate can split a 16" pie and an order of breadsticks for just $4 each (including tip).

3. Giant Gourmet Veggie Club, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches $5.65

This super-sized sandwich isn’t just for vegetarians. Its double order of provolone, cucumber, alfalfa, lettuce, tomato, and mayo is highlighted by Jimmy John’s unbelievable avocado spread. (For 80 cents more, you can get an extra helping of the avocado spread. It’s worth it.) You can order the sandwich on homemade French bread, seven-grain bread, or in a low-carb lettuce wrap (dubbed the “JJ Unwich”). The only drawback to this sandwich is how hard it is to wrap your mouth around it.

4. Penang Sauce Rice Dish, Sun Penang $6.50 for a lunch portion

Sun Penang restaurant is a relatively new addition to Campusfood.com, bringing a welcome culinary diversity to the website’s offerings with its Malaysian- and South Asian-inspired food. The restaurant’s Penang sauce rice dish is the star of the menu. Penang, a dry curry that is both spicy and tangy, perfectly complements the dish’s variety of proteins and vegetables. The Penang sauce rice dish comes with your choice of vegetables, tofu, chicken, beef, or shrimp.

5. Roast Pork Lo Mein, Chopstix $3.95 for a pint, $6.95 for a quart

This dish is basic, yummy, and cheap. The lo mein isn’t too oily or dry and the pork is totally tender. Most importantly, the price is right: A pint of lo mein is only $3.95.