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Students tell stories of global inequality

Carnegie Mellon’s International Festival included an exhibit in the UC Gallery called Life Inequality.

A ’Burgh full of Bhangra

Mayur-SASA and Chak De’s Indian dance impressed audiences last Saturday.

The price of low prices

Charles Fishman, author of The Wal-Mart Effect, spoke on Friday as keynote speaker for the university’s 17th annual International Festival.

Lending a hand

Read about two upcoming events designed to help the Pittsburgh community.

Experimental film comes to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Filmmakers' annual film festival emphasizes experimental film

Pittsburgh’s best sushi

Ah, sushi. The food-gasmic thrill of the freshest fish melting on your tongue, the electric jolt of the wasabi, the tang of soy sauce, and the fishy crunch...

Fashion trend

Where to (and where not to) find the cheap goodies


Thought origami was just fun and games? Think again.

CD Dropbox

The Cult continues in the vein of Sonic Temple with latest album Born Into This.

Dollar movie

Matt Damon's identity crisis continues into a triolgy: Also: The Not-So-*Fantastic Four*.


Check out some interesting and wacky recipes to try with all the new things you can buy at Entropy+.

Everything you need to know

Find out the consequences of blowing the whistle on a cheating roommate.


Frustrated with Try one of the first websites ever created... ever.

Did you know?

A botched break-in at Heinz Field, fraudulent CMU IDs, and cigarette Sticklers.


Get excited for guest lecturer Randall Monroe, famous for his webcomic "xkcd."

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