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It’s a typical nightclub. The sound system is blaring music so loud it drowns out any possible conversation, forcing all of the dancing, drinking, and...

PSO performs Mancini

The Pittsburgh Symphony Pops performs some of Henry Mancini’s classic pieces.

Fragile Army invades Pittsburgh

The sprawling musical collective known as The Polyphonic Spree played Pittsburgh for the first time last Thursday at the South Side’s Rex Theatre.

Branford Marsalis

There are few family names that carry the same weight as “Marsalis” in the world of jazz.

The Elixir of Love is wine

Pittsburgh Opera updates Donizetti's 1832 work about the power of booze.

Updating board games

For those of us who have grown up playing Monopoly, Clue, and Life, here’s a thought to consider: Perhaps the games have grown up with us, too. Monopoly,...

East Coast vs. West Coast

Are you seeing double? The CW’s Gossip Girl is a beach scene away from Fox’s The O.C.

Evolving Anger

Filmmaker Kenneth Anger visited Pittsburgh last Thursday as part of Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Three Rivers Film Festival.

Shara Worden shines as My Brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond is an adorable, five-foot-nothing Brooklynite who studied vocal performance at the University of North Texas.

Jay Sean debuts in Pittsburgh

The UK music sensation visits Pittsburgh for the first time Nov. 30.

Dollar movie

Superbad takes American Pie's place as that movie about virgins.


Learn about the band Growing, an instrumental group with surprisingly enveloping tracks.

Everything you need to know

Find out why it’s worth it to suck it up and stay in school. Also: Ice cream drama.

Did you know?

“Rah-rah boys,” outrageous Marlboro ads, and an anti-vegan Person’s Opinion.


The Carnegie Museum of Natural History's Dinosaurs in Their Time opens on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

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