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Pittsburgh piping

An in-depth look at the rich bagpipe culture of Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

A play about a handkerchief

The University of Pittsburgh revises Othello - no boys allowed.

Suitcase Royale unpacks in Pittsburgh

Learn about an Australian theater troupe that visited the School of Drama last week.

Six out of 16 ain't bad

Canadian super-band Broken Social Scene brought indie goodness to Wiegand Gym.

The man [hiding] behind the raptor

Webcomic extraordinaire gives lecture in Weigand Gymnasium

Casting the immortal

Rachel Whiteread, a pre-eminent British sculptor, spoke last Tuesday at the Carnegie Lecture Hall.

No negotiations in sight for WGA strike

Prepare for reruns and reality shows come January - the strike is on.

CD Dropbox

Down rises to new heights, and Jay-Z recovers after Kingdom Come.

Dollar movie

Hairspray: A movie based on a show based on a movie. Also: TBA.


Bloomfield restaurant's burgers are mmm mmm tasty.

Everything you need to know

What to do when a living situation turns sour or when your commited eye starts wandering.


Check out a list of songs by Scottish bands, including indie favorites Belle and Sebastian.

Did you know?

Bell theft, prayer downloading, and — more exciting — TA-TA's.


Singer-songwriter Shara Worden, a.k.a My Brightest Diamond, is coming to Pittsburgh.

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