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Halloween: Campus haunts

Read up on some of the spookiest places on campus.

Halloween: Movies

Halloween is a time for scary things, and nothing’s scarier than an old horror movie.

Halloween: Recipes

After stuffing yourself with candy, you might be interested in some Halloween-inspired goodies that are slightly more substantial.

Homecoming profiles

Over the years, Carnegie Mellon students’ preferences for music and movies have evolved, but some things have never changed — bagpipes and Buggy, to name...

School of Music performs Nine

Nine, the latest musical produced by the School of Music, is an entirely different animal from the surreal Italian film that inspired it.

Shakespeare: Completely worked-over

A play called The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) might sound like a CliffsNotes reading, but the performance is more satisfying.

Comedy of Errors — more error than comedy

Shakespeare moved us with star-crossed lovers, but in The Comedy of Errors he showcases both the hilarity and discomfort of mix-ups.

Library floor rankings

Find out where to go in Hunt when you want to study, eat, or just hang out.

Flying high

Khaled Hosseini's novel is just as moving and successful in film form

MSTRKRFT performs on Halloween

Prepare yourself for a costume-filled concert featuring remix artists Jesse Keeler and Al-P.

The Darjeeling Limited: Rebound express

After The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, there seemed to be nowhere left for director Wes Anderson to go. The Life Aquatic, his fourth feature film,...


Get some Southern comfort in this Strip District restaurant

Dollar movie

Michael Moore reveals a startling truth: U.S. health care sucks. Also: Transformers.

Everything you need to know

Find out how to upgrade your cooking skills and decide whether or not to mix love and leases.


A look at song transitions, those oft-ignored seconds between tracks.

Did you know?

Students hold a BYOB rally over rising costs in tuition... and that was in 1982.


Get psyched for some upcoming concerts, including Nickel Creek and The Fiery Furnaces.

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