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Beyond Superman

Whether or not you read them, it’s hard to deny that comics have always had a huge impact on American culture. Kids rush to read the “funnies” section...

Bird alarms and popcorn morse code

Artist Nina Katchadourian deals with language and communication by examining systems and processes found in everyday situations.

Metallica, Barry Bonds, and 'Alternountrock'

Get psyched for Wilco and Wolves in the Throne Room in PGH

Grizzly Bear goes wild

Grizzly Bear, live and in your face at the Warhol Museum

Chanel: Forever in blue jeans

The last thing the fashion world expected was a show proclaiming American nationalism.

Ghita: From hipsters to Hollywood

Alexis Phifer’s label is fighting to keep the days of minimal dressing alive.

Culture clash

City Theatre’s Mother Teresa is Dead presents opposing world views of the East and West, of collectivism and individualism, and asks if it is possible...

Chill out

How to survive the vicious midterms

CD Dropbox

Radiohead makes music history by letting fans name their price. Also: Emery.

Students celebrate Navratri

A review of Om's annual Navrati performance at the Holiday Inn

Political theater

Professor delivers his lecture, "Playing with History: Political Theatre in Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East"

Soldiers and sex

Pitt's Repertory Theater does cross dressing and the army

Everything you need to know

Follow Myrtle’s advice and hold off on that smokin’ TA until after finals.


An introduction to tracking, sequencing’s simpler, easier cousin.

Did you know?

Hypnotists and Ritalin


Check out AB's screening of The Kite Runner, Wednesday in McConomy Auditorium.

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