Statistically speaking

Delta Upsilon and Kappa Sigma are returning to the fraternity quad this fall. Alumni argue that beyond the collegiate fun, being Greek leads to success in the academic and professional worlds. Here are some statistics about the correlation between membership in Greek organizations and attaining leadership roles in U.S. government and business.

Percent of the United States’ population holding membership in Greek organizations: 2 percent

Number of current U.S. Senators who have membership in a fraternity or sorority: 43

Percent of U.S. Cabinet members since 1900 who have been Greek: 63 percent

Percent of Who's Who in American listees who are Greek: 71 percent

Percent of Supreme Court Justice members since 1800 that have been Greek: 85 percent

Percent of executives from Fortune 500 companies who are Greek: 85 percent

Number of U.S. Presidents since 1825 who have not been Greek: 2