John Edwards to come to campus Tuesday

North Carolina Senator and vice-presidential candidate John Edwards will host a town hall meeting on Tuesday in Wiegand Gym at 11 am. The visit to Carnegie Mellon was not announced until Friday.

Senator Edwards has been appearing at a number of these town hall meetings for the past few weeks. According to Kerry spokesperson Khristyn Brimmeier, the Senator will not only speak on current issues but will also have a question and answer period to talk with the crowd. Brimmeier says, ?He?s been doing these events across the country. This format has worked really well; this gives people a chance to connect to the candidate in a smaller environment instead of a larger rally.?

The town hall meeting will include members of the Western Pennsylvania community and will not be limited to students. There are a limited number of tickets available to students who are interested in attending. For those who are interested but unable to obtain a ticket, the entire meeting will be broadcast in McConomy Auditorium.

?This is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet the next Vice President of the United States,? says Jonathan Mendelson, president of Carnegie Mellon?s College Democrats. ?Edwards is a great fighter for not only students but all Americans.?

If students are interested in receiving tickets for the event, Mendelson encourages them to contact College Democrats at More information on appearances by members of the Kerry/Edwards campaign team can be found at

Not everyone shares Mendelson?s enthusiasm about Edwards? visit. According to Carl Neimeyer, "John Edwards? coming here will reinforce the public's view of Carnegie Mellon as a liberal campus.? As a member of the newly formed Right Now, an organization to represent conservative views on campus, Neimeyer claims, ?All [the public] will see is the crowd going wild for Senator Edwards? baseless Bush bashing and his blind talking points for the day. They will see nothing of us conservatives who stand firm with our ideals and President Bush."

As Pittsburgh is considered a strategic location for the 2004 campaign, students will have many opportunities to hear directly from the candidates themselves, to attend meetings and discussions on the election, and inform themselves in order to make an educated decision on November 2.