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  • Thistles and thorns: EdBoard takes on 2022

    At the close of each year, The Tartan reassesses the year’s events. Thistles go to people and events that had a positive effect on the campus community and society at large; thorns go to those that have negatively impacted the campus and our society.

    Forum | December 5, 2022
  • EdBoard: Post-Gazette strike

    Workers for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have been striking since Thursday, Oct. 6. The striking unions include the Communications Workers of America Locals 14842 and 14827, Teamsters Local 205/211 and Pressmen’s Union Local 24M/9N. According to workers in those unions, they have been working without a collective bargainin...

    Forum | October 31, 2022
  • Districts should represent us

    It’s no secret that the Allegheny County Democratic Committee (ACDC) likes to play inside baseball. Pittsburgh politics, generally, is founded upon a series of connections, with connected people helping other connected people attain their positions. The current Pittsburgh mayor, Bill Peduto was the Chief of Staff for his City Council predecessor, Dan Cohen. Peduto sat on the City Council for a dec...

    Forum | March 2, 2020
  • Letting the humanities shine

    Located between Baker, Hamerschlag, and Scaife Halls, the sparkling new multi-story ANSYS Hall houses a massive makerspace, a computer lab, student collaborative spaces, and offices behind an impressive glass façade. Funded in part by ANSYS Inc., the missi...

    Forum | February 24, 2020
  • HB1100 disregards our future

    On Feb. 5, the Pennsylvania State Senate voted to send HB1100 to Governor Tom Wolf, who is expected to veto the bill. HB1100 would grant petrochemical companies in Pennsylvania a conditional tax break. Any company receiving the credit must redevelop a brownfield site which would be the locati...

    Forum | February 17, 2020