Sydney Roslin

Class of 2019


  • Polish women protest unethical abortion ban

    On Monday, about 30,000 men and women flooded the streets of Warsaw, Poland filling Castle Square in protest against a proposed blanket abortion ban. They joined tens of thousands of people in ninety cities across Poland, dressed in black and holding signs, a high point of the protesting that had started two weeks before.

    Forum | October 10, 2016
  • Female comedians make a joke of ‘women aren’t funny’ trope

    There is a long-standing stereotype that declares that women just aren’t as funny as men. This is an idea that dates back centuries — even in 1695, William Congreve, a famous playwright, wrote in a letter “I must confess, I have never made any observation of what I apprehend to be true humor in women ... If ever anything does ...

    Forum | September 26, 2016
  • Hidden Figures reveals role of women in STEM

    Editor’s note: This new weekly series highlights stores of women mentioned in the media.

    On February 20, 1962, John Glenn made history when he became the first American to orbit Earth. His name plastered headlines, his story was told across the country. Yet, his story is not his alone to tell. Behind the scenes, an entire agency was working to help Glenn return home safely, including Katheri...

    Forum | September 12, 2016
  • Climate change changes landscape, threatens flood of climate refugees

    Shishmaref, Alaska, is a village with a population of approximately 600, an Inupiat community on the small barrier island of Sarichef, north of the Bering Strait. The village is rather unassuming, with a single school, three main roads, a church, a post office, a few stores, and a collection of small houses. Yet this small, unassuming village is running out of space on their island, not because of...

    Forum | August 29, 2016
  • Islamophobia hijacks American values, perpetuates terror

    On April 6, a senior from the University of California, Berkeley took a call from his uncle while sitting on the tarmac in a Southwest Airlines flight. As he chatted on the phone, a woman in the seat in front of him got up to get a flight attendant. A few minutes later, [a Southwest employee asked the man to leave the plane, and escorted him into the company of police officers](https://www.washing...

    Forum | April 25, 2016