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  • Agnostics get no yuletime love: Who can enjoy the holiday season?

    It’s tough being an agnostic during the holidays. I still have to buy or make presents for everybody on a graduate student’s budget while taking exams; I still have to be annoyed by Christmas music starting Nov. 1; and yet, I also have to deal with people telling me that, as a non-believer, I shouldn’t celebrate Christmas.

    Forum | December 3, 2007
  • Avenue Q comes to Pittsburgh

    Some gloriously drunk night, Sesame Street and Rent did it like rabbits and produced a bizarre but brilliant love child named Avenue Q. Like Rent, Avenue Q explores the joys and tragedies of a bunch of penniless twentysomethings living together in the less fashionable part of New York City. Unlike Rent, nobody in Avenue Q has AIDS, nobody dies, and half the characters are Muppet-like...

    Pillbox | December 3, 2007
  • Democrats spurn Colbert

    When I saw on Comedy Central (the website, not the channel; I’m cheap) that Stephen Colbert was running for president, my first thought was, ‘Whoa! Could he pull off a Pirate Captain?’

    Forum | November 5, 2007
  • Pittsburgh’s best sushi

    Ah, sushi. The food-gasmic thrill of the freshest fish melting on your tongue, the electric jolt of the wasabi, the tang of soy sauce, and the fishy crunch of smelt caviar. But somehow, the stale packaged sushi available in Entropy+ just doesn’t seem to satisfy the craving. So where to, sushi seekers?

    Pillbox | November 5, 2007
  • School of Music performs Nine

    Nine, the latest musical produced by Carnegie Mellon’s School of Music, is an entirely different animal from the surreal Italian film that inspired it, Federico Fellini’s, 8 1⁄2. Along with the extra one-half, playwright Arthur Kopit gave Nine a more literal backbone, stripping out most of the surrealism of 8 1⁄2, while adding musical comedy and tweaking the plot and characters. The result...

    Pillbox | October 29, 2007