Nathaniel Richmond News Editor

Class of 2022


  • CMU v Case Western in the 34th Academic Bowl

    The Carnegie Mellon University Football team relied on their defense at home to shock Case Western Reserve University and the rest of the PAC with a win. The final score of the game was 24-21, giving Carnegie Mellon the 34th annual Academic Bowl.

    Sports | November 18, 2019
  • A Nats fan on the World Series

    On Oct. 30, the Washington Nationals captured the World Series in Game 7 against the Houston Astros with a score of 6-2. As a Washington D.C. native and Nationals fan, I was obviously excited to see the Nationals capture their first World Series, giving D.C. its first World Series since 1924. But it was especially shocking to see the Nationals add to a remarkable turnaround in D.C. sports.

    Sports | November 4, 2019
  • The Steelers struggle, Big Ben's hurt

    Last season, the Steelers just wanted to get to 2019. Running back Le'Veon Bell started the Steelers' season with drama by holding out for a bigger contract, and when he did not receive it, he didn't return to the team. This contributed to a losing streak that saw the Steelers go from a 7-2-1 start to finish at 9-6-1. Their record wasn't good enough to make the playoffs. To make matters worse, sup...

    Sports | October 28, 2019
  • NHL season beginnings and predictions about the end

    The NHL season has begun after a quiet summer. Compared to the MLB and NBA, the NHL offseason was tame. Both the NBA and the MLB had major free agent signings over the summer, but the NHL did not have the same level of movement. So, as we return to another season of hockey, we might expect some of the same results. If the recent past is any indication, though, we might be in for another exciting c...

    Sports | October 14, 2019
  • Tyler, the Creator

    Tyler, the Creator's show at Stage AE was an electric performance of his new album, IGOR. He captured the crowd immediately with the blaring intro to his album, and he bounced around his catalog of songs to give a raw and exciting show.

    Pillbox | September 30, 2019