Monalisa Ghose Junior staffwriter

Class of 2011


  • Carnegie Mellon goes ‘greener’ in practices

    Whether Carnegie Mellon students find themselves buying cage-free eggs from Entropy+, throwing their glass bottles into the recycling bin in the University Center’s Green Room, or falling asleep every night under the roof of New House, the first green dormitory in the country, it’s clear that Carnegie Mellon’s green practices are deeply integrated into campus life.

    News | November 12, 2007
  • Lecture Preview

    Title: Journeys Lecture Series — “Science, Exploration, and Emotion”

    News | October 29, 2007
  • Lecture Preview

    Title: Journeys Lecture Series — “Technology and Society”

    News | October 8, 2007
  • University hosts conference to honor Rachel Carson

    On Saturday, Carnegie Mellon hosted a tribute to American marine biologist Rachel Carson that honored Carson and educated the public about her agenda. The Rachel Carson Legacy Conference, “Sustaining the Web of Life in Modern Society,” was held in the University Center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The conference was the third in a series of four events celebrating the centennial anniversary of the birth ...

    News | October 1, 2007
  • Statistically Speaking

    In accordance with the Clery Act of 1998, which requires all colleges and universities to publish crime statistics annually, Carnegie Mellon has released its 2007 Annual Security Report. Now you can decide for yourself how wise it is to leave your laptop unattended while you go for that quick bathroom break.

    Number of reported larceny-theft cases at Carnegie Mellon in 2006: 194

    News | September 24, 2007