Carl Glazer Senior Staffwriter

Class of 2015


  • Magic sinking because of Howard

    The Orlando Magic is the NBA’s biggest loser. The team has quit, plain and simple. Not only have they lost six of their past nine games, but they also have problems that go deeper than their record. They have no explanation for putting up only 56 points in one game, and then blowing a 27-point lead five days later. While Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has publicly taken the blame, it doesn’t take much...

    Sports | February 6, 2012
  • Super Bowl XLVI preview

    Super Bowls define careers: They separate good players from great players. As we look toward Super Bowl XLVI, we look at crossroads in the careers of two very different quarterbacks. Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ veteran quarterback, will face Eli Manning, the New York Giants’ quarterback and little brother of Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning.

    Sports | January 30, 2012