Casey Garth

Class of 2010


  • Men’s basketball closes season

    The Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team played its final match of the season on Saturday, falling to the Spartans of Case Western Reserve University 51–71.

    The Tartans struggled through most of the season winning just one of their last 18 games. The Carnegie Mellon team ended the season 5–20 overall and just 1–13 in University Athletic Association (UAA) play.

    Sports | March 1, 2010
  • Men’s basketball triumphs over Rochester 73–64

    The Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team was finally able to break a 14-game losing streak and take home their first University Athletic Association (UAA) victory. This weekend the Tartans hosted UAA opponents Emory University and the University of Rochester.

    Sports | February 15, 2010
  • Men’s basketball loses tough game 58–59 to New York, falls to Brandeis 43–62

    Over the weekend, the Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team hosted two University Athletic Association rivals: New York University and Brandeis University. With just five games remaining in the season, the Tartans were unable to overcome a 13-game losing streak.

    Sports | February 8, 2010
  • Men’s basketball unable to shakeoff 11-game losing streak

    Over the past two weeks, the Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team played five hard-fought games but were unable to snap an 11-game losing streak.
    On Jan. 19, it appeared as though the Tartans were going to come away with a home victory against the Pioneers of Marietta, but were beat by an eight-foot shot at the buzzer. The 69–67 loss dropped the Tartans to 4–10 while the Pioneers moved to an eve...

    Sports | February 1, 2010
  • Men’s basketball fights through the season but falls short in UAAs

    While most students were lounging on the couches and enjoying the holidays with friends and family, the Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team was knocking down free throws and perfecting plays. Over the long winter break, the Tartans moved their record to 4–9 overall and 0–3 in UAA play.

    Sports | January 18, 2010