Cole Skuse Editor-in-Chief

Class of 2024


  • The video game industry won’t change until the consumer does

    This past week, I’ve been sinking some of my freetime into beating “Pokémon Violet,” one of the latest entries in the franchise. I have to say that I have greatly enjoyed the game despite its flaws. It has some serious performance and graphics issues and was arguably unfinished at its time of release. This is just one of many instances of ...

    Forum | December 5, 2022
  • It's time to end homophobic discrimination in blood donations

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, my mom and I have given blood to the American Red Cross. A fun family bonding activity, right?

    Forum | November 21, 2022
  • Senate Update 11/17

    The Undergraduate Student Senate meeting, held on Nov. 17, opened with a Special Allocations presentation from the Finance Committee for a request from the International Film Festival.

    News | November 21, 2022
  • 'Pokémon Scarlet,' 'Pokémon Violet' release with performance problems, mixed reviews

    On Friday, Nov. 18, “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokémon Violet” made their debut on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company, reviews of Gen IX of the series has been generally favorable, though many fans criticize certain aspects of the game. The games currently have a score of 77 on review aggre...

    SciTech | November 21, 2022
  • HUNNY's 'Homesick' (Deluxe Version): a review

    As anyone who knows me well knows, I’m a big fan of indie and rock music. One of the bands I know a song or five from is HUNNY, who released a deluxe version of their latest EP, “Homesick” on Friday. I somehow missed the actual EP’s release in July, but now’s as good a time as ever to give the deluxe version a review. Full disclosure: I had not heard any of the songs before writing this, so these ...

    Pillbox | November 21, 2022

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