Annika Rosenvinge Staffwriter

Class of 20010


  • Anthony Rapp at Purnell

    When Anthony Rapp walked onto the stage of the Philip Chosky Theater in the Purnell Center for the Arts, he looked little older than the college crowd before him. Slender, with a head of mussed blond hair, Rapp hardly seemed like one of the most famous stage actors of our time, or one of the original cast members of a landmark contemporary American musical, Rent. But Rapp can without a doubt cla...

    Pillbox | September 22, 2008
  • Nicholas Sullivan talks on his book

    Last Tuesday, the question was not “Can you hear me now?” but whether those in the third world will be able to hear you via cell phone. The man posing the question was Nicholas P. Sullivan, author of You Can Hear Me Now: How Microloans and Cell Phones are Connecting the World’s Poor to the Global Economy, as he spoke to a group of students and faculty in Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall.

    News | December 3, 2007
  • Fragile Army invades Pittsburgh

    The sprawling musical collective known as The Polyphonic Spree played Pittsburgh for the first time last Thursday at the South Side’s Rex Theatre. The Pittsburgh show found The Spree at the end of its 2007 tour, with the Rex the second to last venue scheduled before the band’s return to hometown Dallas, Texas. Opening for The Spree were bands The Redwalls (of Chicago) and Rooney (of Los Angeles).

    Pillbox | November 19, 2007
  • Suitcase Royale unpacks in Pittsburgh

    The Suitcase Royale, a touring theater company from Melbourne, Australia, visited the School of Drama on Saturday. The Royale, made up of Miles O’Neill, Joseph O’Farrell, and Glen Walton, is a young company, brought to the city by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust as part of this year’s themed celebration of Australian artists. The members have only recently graduated from Victoria College in Melbourn...

    Pillbox | November 12, 2007
  • The price of low prices

    Charles Fishman, author of The Wal-Mart Effect, spoke on Friday as keynote speaker for the university’s 17th annual International Festival. The Wal-Mart Effect, a work critics have credited with revealing many aspects of contemporary globalization through an analysis of Wal-Mart’s marketing strategies, is a national best seller and was named by The Economist one of the Best Books of 2006.


    Pillbox | November 5, 2007