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Class of 2017


  • Women's representation on TV on the up and up

    Everyone searches to find a little bit of themselves in a television character. Historically, women have struggled with this, because there have been few types of female characters on screen. The roles of women on television have lacked racial and religious diversity. They have lacked diversity of lifestyle interests, sexual orientation, physical appearance, and diversity in the ways in which they...

    Pillbox | March 1, 2015
  • Jump on the boat for U.S. television diversity

    The first time I heard about ABC’s new show Fresh Off the Boat, I cringed.

    For years, “fresh off the boat” has been used as a degrading term for Asians who don’t quite fit in with American culture. “Fresh off the boat” was something you would never want to be. When I heard about the new ABC sitcom I thought, “Great, another excuse for people to make Asian jokes.”

    Forum | February 23, 2015
  • 2014 Olympic Games


    Sports | February 10, 2014

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