Amanda Cole Contributing Editor

Class of 2010


  • Letter to the editor: Education is about more than future employment

    When I read the Tartan Board’s recent editorial, “Increasing college debts should motivate students to make most of expensive education,” I was disappointed in the board’s view that the whole point of a college education is to prepare for a job. As an H&SS alumna, I couldn’t disagree more.

    Forum | April 25, 2011
  • Morewood Gardens


    Location: Corner of Forbes Avenue and Morewood Avenue

    Style(s) of housing: Prime singles, prime doubles, prime triples; one six-person and one 10-person suite reserved for Special-Interest Housing

    Size: 455 residents

    Building retention: Yes

    Kitchens: Three, one each on the second, fourth, and sixth floors

    Lounges: Two lounges per floor

    Special | February 14, 2011
  • E-mail has constitutional protection from spying

    As college students, we are always being warned to be careful of what we put online for everyone to see because it could come back to hurt us later. Most of us don’t consider our e-mail accounts to be something everyone can see, and so we often put things into e-mails that we wouldn’t want everyone to know.

    Forum | April 26, 2010
  • A modern take on a Shakespearean history

    The School of Drama’s production of William Shakespeare’s Richard III was not what you’d have expected. In fact, its use of technology and its modernized take on the play marked it as a unique and interesting performance, both full of energy and relevant to modern audiences.

    Pillbox | April 19, 2010
  • Abstinence-only education harms teenagers

    In a surprising and yet not-so-surprising move, the government in its new health care bill decided to include $250 million in abstinence-only education funding.

    Why is it surprising? Well, this bill is being called a liberal bill and it was passed almost solely by Democrats, yet it contains perhaps one of the most conservative ideas about education.

    Forum | April 12, 2010

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