Andy Birla

Class of 2017


  • Why academic and physical endurance are not the same

    Students at Carnegie Mellon are not strangers to endurance. For 30 weeks of the year, they go through grueling homework and stressful midterms only to be confronted by a barrage of hellish finals at the end. Running 26 miles, then, should be a feat far easier to accomplish. The only problem, however, is that it is really not easy.

    Sports | February 2, 2015
  • Basketball star Lisa Murphy: a winner on and off the floor

    Breaking a school record in varsity basketball is an accomplishment that every athlete strives for, but one that only a brilliant few reach. Sophomore psychology major Lisa Murphy plays for the women’s basketball team and broke not one or two, but five school records in her first year.

    Sports | January 26, 2015

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