Aimee Beveridge Junior Staffwriter

Class of 2010


  • No touching rule incorrect way to handle classroom violence

    What stands out to you most from middle school? Playground games of tag, hopscotch, group skipping games, soccer perhaps, basketball, hide-and-seek — and girls, you probably remember the clapping games, you know, those ones accompanied by songs of dollies, boyfriends, and apple trees, whilst you feverishly clap as hard and fast as you can with the person opposite you: “My father went to sea, sea, ...

    Forum | April 6, 2009
  • Imported from Glasgow

    The atmosphere at Frightened Rabbit’s Jan. 26 performance wasn’t exactly like that of their sold-out Chicago show two nights before, but the 250 or so bodies who showed up at Carnegie Mellon University’s campus to show their support for the hairy Scots of indie rock were undoubtedly excited about this relatively new phenomenon in the music world.

    Pillbox | February 2, 2009
  • “The Silent Passage” no more

    Few would have thought it would be even remotely possible to write a 90-minute production about that crisis all women eventually have to go through — the period in a woman’s life commonly known as “The Change.”

    Pillbox | January 26, 2009
  • Dollar movie


    Pillbox | November 24, 2008
  • Vying for vintage

    Vintage. We hear it all the time, and there’s no doubt about it: Vintage fashion is in, with popular stores such as Urban Outfitters cashing in on the fashion craze with their Urban Renewal line. But why spend $38 on disregarded clothing from Urban Outfitters when you can spend $8 on a piece from a local secondhand store?

    Pillbox | November 3, 2008

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