Tartan 'Terrogations: how was your Carnival weekend and do you have any regrets?

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"I wish I went on the rides... I wish we didn't have to pay for the rides." - Amanda, Class of '25

"I just didn't go to the Carnival events so... I went to a few things like the concert. Um... I watched 'RENT.' Other than that, I didn't do much." - Vivian, Class of '25

"This is my first Carnival, so I really enjoyed it. I got to see a lot of school spirit at Buggy — which hasn't happened before. I really loved seeing the talent show and seeing how talented the students here are. There was like a wide variety. There was drag, there was comedy, there was singing, there was music, so I really enjoyed that." - Victoria, Class of '24

"I don't think you want us to answer that question. We were at softball all weekend, so we were not here...So, we didn't even get to go." - Olivia, Class of '25

"Our regret is that we didn't have time." - Abbey, Class of '25