Take Ten

Credit: Aisha Han/Visual Editor Credit: Aisha Han/Visual Editor

You fight dirty
You shoot your eyes like daggers at mine
On the phone, and when we fuck
A thousand times to push your luck

Show me who you are
Don’t tell me what you want
Its easy to fall and easier to stand
When you’re my only helping hand

Am I just lost?
Or did I find something special here
You lead me straight into the light
Even though it leaves me blind

My lungs fill with emptiness
In this twisted galaxy wrapped around your finger
I forget who I am every day
And I let you remake me from clay

From where we stand
I see the city lights down below
Other things seem small when I’m with you
I don’t want to fall - I’ll never let you go

You lob your bombs and fire your guns
I’ll catch them all till you’re done
Memories are made and lost in a day
When there are so many coming my way