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Letter to the Editor: Accepting Diversity

No matter who you are, where you come from, or who you pray to, your lives and your voices are valuable in this country.

Fight catastrophe with Liberalism

And when any non-scientist attempts to hide their radical propositions under the veil of cold-blooded rationality, that is when the responsible citizen ought to call foul.

Europe’s rising radical right conjures spector of violance

The German far-right party, Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), made resounding gains in all three elections Sunday. This news is particularly worrisome for several reasons.

unfairandlovely: the fight against colorism

One of the most common advertisements on Indian Television is that of a fairness cream, very creatively called Fair and Lovely, that supposedly lightens one’s skin color by two shades.

Heroin treatment funds failed to reach most in need

With drug-related deaths increasing yearly, and Pennsylvania leading the nation in young male overdose deaths, there is a clear problem that isn’t being addressed where it matters most.

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