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Iowa Caucuses shift 2016 election terrain

The 2016 presidential nominations are supposed to be all locked up. There’s only one problem: nobody told Iowa.

New "diverse" Barbies blur lines between fun toy, bad role model

By creating these new styles of dolls to “increase diversity,” Mattel is doing nothing more than providing a few more options of cookie cutters to force a woman to fit into.

Prostitution, porn, identity throw wrench in sex positivity

I’ve realized that sex positivity — a philosophy followed religiously by so many well-meaning feminists — is far from a perfect fix for society’s toxic relationship with sexuality.

CaPS does vital work, services must expand

I eventually sought help through CAPS, which sent me “into the community.". That’s probably the best solution, but there are three hurdles involved in seeking the necessary care in that situation.

France moves to disown citizens, undermines state

Hollande has swung far away from Rousseau and straight into Trump territory.

Race unrelated to Oscar nominations, purely talent based

Yes, the list of nominees contains all white actors, but how does that reflect anything about their quality of acting, and how is this a social justice issue that requires a response?

Mass surveillance supporters oversimplify war on terror

To resolve the debate between national security and rights to privacy we will need to first figure out where we stand on terrorism

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