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Pro: Pope Francis right to call out Trump on immigration

Republicans defended Trump, suggesting that it isn’t the Pope’s place to get involved in politics. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Con: Pope crosses lines while taking Trump down a peg

Although the Pope did not mean to accuse Trump of not being Christian, the statement was still a very inappropriate one for him to make.

Kalamazoo shooting spotlights gun control

We need to start looking at the rate of mass shootings and gun violence in the U.S. as a problem with a solution, not just as a series of tragedies.

Apple should hack shooter's phone despite risk to privacy

Although commitment to privacy sends out an important message to Apple’s customers, the safety of the U.S. people goes beyond supporting any individual basic rights.

Creatures of the concrete jungle descend on 2016 race

It’s very telling that of the five remaining candidates with a meaningful shot at the presidency, three have deep ties to New York City.

Dress codes embody old bigotry

The concept of a dress code, like most systems society likes to fetishize, isn’t inherently bad, but, like most social structures, it is poorly defined and therefore open to manipulation.

Low turn out condemned Pennsylvania to Pat Toomey

The fact that he is going against a three quarters majority of public opinion raises questions about Toomey’s loyalty. He seems to value his ties to D.C. more than the trust of his constituents.

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