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New “safe space” movement silences collegiate discussion

College isn’t about creating an intellectual space anymore, but a home, a safe-space, where we will never have to face dissenting opinions like an adult and never have to confront conflicting views.

Supreme Court opening offers window to party unity

Last Saturday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. His last words were unknown, but they were probably scathing.

Effects of intellectual prejudices may pervade colleges

At Carnegie Mellon it becomes important to look at intellect as a bias, and understand how it affects people and what one can do to become more aware of it.

College rankings are problematic

On Jan. 19, Mount St. Mary’s University’s student newspaper The Mountain Echo published an article reporting evidence that their University President...

Bernie all bark, lacks sharp legislative bite

If Sanders was in any way capable of leading a political revolution, it would have happened over a decade ago.

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