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Bluetooth technology connects devices together wirelessly

This week in How Things Work, learn about how Bluetooth technology connects devices together.

RoboVote service helps facilitate group decisions with AI

Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard University's new non-profit academic project, RoboVote uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make optimal group decisions.

SciTech Briefs

Read about the effects of plastic on sea-birds, how Trump's election may deteriorate climate change, the pollution in New Delhi, the use of echo-location by narwhals, and a tsunami in Santorini.

Computer simulation used to study viral capsid breakage

Markus Deserno from Carnegie Mellon University and Christine Peter from the University of Konstanz, Germany led a project that used computer simulation to study the effects of force on viral capsids.

K&L Gates Foundation donates to further AI ethics research

Law firm K&L Gates donated $10 million to Carnegie Mellon to study the ethics of artificial intelligence. Read this story to understand how the safe and moral use of AI is crucial to its development.

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