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"Just keep swimming" in CMU ocean

While first-years are used to being leaders — the big fish in their respective small ponds — they are now swimming with thousands of other big fish in what feels like an ocean.

Google's having an identity crisis

What's round, lazy, and hanging out at a weird angle? No, it’s not a sloth. It’s the "e" at the end of Google’s new logo. It is trying so...

Pointing fingers won’t solve refugee disaster

In lieu of developing a better strategy to handle the crisis, the countries of the European Union have fallen to blaming and criticizing each other.

Iran nuclear deal will work, N. Korea’s did

The Iran Deal is unlike the failed Agreed Framework in that there are key differences between the deals and political situations in North Korea and Iran.

Government must protect data privacy under Bill of Rights

As technology becomes a more integral part of our everyday lives, the need for privacy becomes more crucial than ever.

Ahmed shows hope in fight against U.S. Islamophobia

Ahmed Mohamed is one of many Muslims in the United States who have been treated wrongfully due to widespread Islamophobia.

Sanders’ appeal to Evangelicals crosses party lines

Sanders strayed from today's strictly partisan politics and sought common ground with those who would be his adversaries.

CMU fails to beat Ivy competitors on tuition, salary

CMU should strive to help more students afford a world-class Carnegie Mellon education by bringing down the average cost of attendance to match that of schools like Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is happy to welcome its new aspiring journalists this week. So we asked,
What news source do you use most frequently?

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