While away the week watching great TV

Comedienne Mindy Kaling’s show *The Mindy Project* moves from Fox to Hulu for a fourth season that promises to be more entertaining and risqué than ever before. (credit: Courtesy of flickr Creative Commons) Comedienne Mindy Kaling’s show *The Mindy Project* moves from Fox to Hulu for a fourth season that promises to be more entertaining and risqué than ever before. (credit: Courtesy of flickr Creative Commons)

Campus is back into the swing of things, and the sheen of being back is just starting to wear off. Joyous campus reunions are being replaced by the typical late night of Carnegie Mellon homework, and you’re probably starting to remember (or just now learning) your favorite ways to pass time and put off the work.

Don’t fret though! A new school year also means a new lineup of television shows, and we’ve got the scoop on this year’s newbies and returning favorites — plus a couple of nostalgic throwbacks.

The Mindy Project — Sept. 15, Hulu
The former FOX comedy makes its Hulu debut on Tuesday. Episodes will still be released on a weekly schedule, but without the limitations of a time slot Mindy may just have the freedom she needs to flourish. This season: Dr. Mindy Lahiri tackles pregnancy and commitment with Dr. Daniel Castellano, but everyone knows OBGYNs make the worst patients.

Scream Queens — Sept. 22, FOX
The latest Ryan Murphy creation is a parody of classic ‘80s horror films. Focusing on a series of murders involving a sorority, this newest Murphy brainchild is sure to be filled with delightfully horrible situations, punctuated by an all-star cast: Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, and Jamie Lee Curtis to name a few members. The already released opening credits point toward the sort of tongue-in-cheek, genre focus Murphy has become known for — but don’t expect him to go easy on the gore.

Heroes Reborn — Sept. 24, NBC
In case you haven’t noticed, it is the era of reboots. While you are no doubt waiting with bated breath for Fuller House to hit Netflix, for now you’ll have to do with this 13-episode continuation of the hit 2006 series. Some original cast members are returning, but this new series focuses on Luke (Zachary Levi) as he searches for revenge after suffering a loss. While it doesn’t look like there’s a cheerleader to save this time around, there is a whole host of new characters, many with gifts that make them more than human.

Quantico — Sept. 27, ABC
Another year, another procedural drama with a twist. This time it’s Quantico, which focuses on the newest class of trainees at the FBI’s Quantico base. They’re super smart, super beautiful, and one of them is planning a massive terrorist attack. Expect a case-of-the-week structure with the added drama of national security. The creator, Joshua Safran, also executive produced Gossip Girl and Smash, so you should also expect some soapy romance and/or illicit relationships.

Madam Secretary — Oct. 4, CBS 
Among the many dysfunctional television relationships, there was one shining start last year: the stable and loving marriage between Secretary of State Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) and Dr. Henry McCord (Tim Daly). As beautiful as the marriage is, the show is even better. National security may be on the line, but somehow we still want to know more about the goings-on of the McCord household. This season: Madeleine Albright guest stars and Patina Miller (CFA ’06) continues to make us proud.

American Horror Story: Hotel — Oct. 7, FX
Ryan Murphy’s other current show almost doesn’t need an introduction. This season of the horror anthology focuses on the Hotel Cortez and a series of murders that may be connected with it. Although Jessica Lange will sadly not be a part of this season, many other cast members are returning, including Matt Bomer (CFA ’00). Lady Gaga joins the cast as owner of the Hotel Cortez. Viewers have also been promised connections with past seasons, especially the first (including an appearance by the murder house).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — Oct. 12, The CW
The trend that Glee started is still happening. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical-comedy series about Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) who moves across the country in pursuit of a boy who dumped her in high school. Don’t expect it to be life-changing, but don’t be surprised if it turns out to be pretty good. Things to watch for: random singing, a slight but significant character shift for Rebecca, and a love triangle. It is the CW, after all.

Jane the Virgin — Oct. 12, The CW
Speaking of the CW, Jane the Virgin completely blew television away last season. An adaptation of a telenovela, Jane depicts a young woman (Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez) who is accidentally artificially inseminated. A crazy premise that only becomes more complicated, this show has the type of soul you don’t see much on television, and especially not on the CW. This season we pick up after Jane’s newborn son is kidnapped by the crime lord Sin Rostro. Watch for the heart, but get sucked in by the story.

Supergirl — Oct. 26, CBS
In the midst of the current superhero overload, the idea of a show focused on Supergirl may not seem overly exciting. But don’t rule this one out yet. From the looks of previews, CBS’ Supergirl is looking to be a simpler, more hero-focused show than others out there. Don’t expect crazy interweaving plotlines. Instead, the heart of this show seems to be in the idea of a hero itself. Melissa Benoist, of former Glee fame, stars as the titular heroine, and seems to have just the right amount of sugary sweetness to make her cover story believable.

For those nights you wish you were still a kid, Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers Neghborhood now have episodes available on Netflix. We won’t judge you for watching if you don’t judge us. Plus, you might learn something.