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Orientation staff must improve diversity to better reflect CMU

The Orientation staff does not represent Carnegie Mellon's diversity.

Trump's popularity signals deeper problems in U.S. politics

Donald Trump is the kind of president who would start a nuclear war with Kim Jong-Un over a spat about whose hair is dumber. Why then is he leading the polls among the Republican candidates?

Trump's "Great Wall" represents dead American Dream

Immigration is an important topic this election season, which is made clear by the fact that the only position on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s website is immigration reform.

CMU should accommodate housing expansion

In the realm of housing, especially when it comes to first-year students, the Carnegie Mellon campus is far from contiguous.

CMU computer science should stress ethics

While it is certainly far too small a sample to call this anything close to a systemic issue, it highlights a need for more prominent computer science ethics courses.

Hugo Awards need to embrace diversity

The Sad Puppies represent a fringe group that is fighting against a science fiction scene that is more diverse than it has ever been.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is gearing up for the first week of classes, so we asked students,
What are you most looking forward to this semester?

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