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Researchers find rate at which developing brain prunes connections

The human brain, a network of billions of neurons that makes a myriad of computations every second, is analogous to an immense computer.

Researchers find a more effective way to administer chemotherapy

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have discovered a way to more effectively administer nanodrugs to treat cancer by reducing their toxicity and improving their bioavailabilities.

Targeted online ads found to show gender bias

As online ads have become more specifically tailored to each user, researchers suggest that advertisers unfairly target users of a particular demographic.

How Things Work: Crowdfunding

Whether you're a group of college students who want to create a startup or an art student in need of supplies, the power of technology is here as a means of communicating your needs to the world.

SciTech Briefs

New technology improves detection of blood clots Currently, there is no one method used to locate a blood clot in the body. Instead, ultrasound, magnetic...

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