Student Government, cabinet ready to tackle the new year

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Dear Campus Community, it is so good to be back on campus and breathe in that good ole muggy Pittsburgh air again! The energy here is already insatiable; the excitement for the year is downright palpable.

When I look at the year ahead in terms of leading the student government, I consider it important for me to summarize the numerous efforts already set forth by our Cabinet team. We’re very lucky to have a devoted and motivated group of students from every corner of campus excited to help my vice president Jibby and I make Carnegie Mellon a better place for every student. The following is just a glimpse of several efforts already underway from within our President’s cabinet.

Rachel Freer has been coordinating programing with Jess Klein, our coordinator of gender programs and sexual violence prevention, to ensure our incoming first years begin their Carnegie Mellon careers as active participants in our campus movement to completely eradicate sexual assault and relationship violence.

Siriana Abboud and the alumni association are working together to help our newest students get to know Carnegie Mellon through webinars and get-togethers. Siriana is also organizing student-faculty mixers to take place on campus to establish more personal relationships with our incredible faculty.

Thomas Preite is currently organizing several town halls to take place over the course of the semester. Jibby and I want to be the utmost advocates for every student point of view. We therefore aspire to better engage our community through student government and these student-centered town halls.

Jamie Earnest and Carnegie Mellon INSPIRE are getting several student projects off the ground through cross-collaboration and student government assistance

We will also be sure to utilize our marketing team, led by Jennifer Han and Gwen Luvara, to keep the student body up-to-date on our progress.

Our cabinet is already doing and will continue to do tremendous service to our school, but we also need the participation of the student body now more than ever.

In order to make Carnegie Mellon University a happier, healthier, and safer community for every student, Jibby, myself and the Student Government need your input and for your voice to be heard. Attend our town halls, reach out to us at any time, and most of all, have an amazing start to the year.