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Womanhood tied to body insecurity

Body image and insecurity aren’t limited to women, but body discussions belong in the discourse about feminism and empowerment.

Elections demonstrated democracy at work at CMU

This year’s election represents an unprecedented and impressive increase in voter turnout from previous years.

Devaluing humanities is harmful to CMU overall

Carnegie Mellon will never rise to the ranks of our peer institutions unless it rounds out its humanities offerings and stops measuring success with metrics that cater to students in STEM fields.

Iran nuclear deal may signal diplomatic future

U.S.-Iran relations have been impossibly strained for decades, but the recent agreement creates a precedent for, if both sides fulfill their obligations, middle ground and trust.

Indiana religious freedom law is worse than other RFRAs

Defenders of Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) insist that the bill is just like every other RFRA in the country. Here's why they're wrong.

Ellen Pao is more than symbol for gender inequality

This past week, Ellen Pao lost her class action lawsuit against the venture capital firm filed on the basis of gender discrimination.

Sexual assault survey is encouraging turning point

Until April 27, students can give feedback on their perception and experiences with sexual assault and relationship violence (SARV) on campus and how the university can better prevent it.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is feeling the urge to lay facedown in a sunny field of flowers this week. So we asked,
"What's your favorite flower?"

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