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EU may have solid case against Google in antitrust suit

When a company gets too large, market imperfections are bound to occur. This is a simple law of economics. Google, the company that's motto is “do no evil," has created externalities in its market.

"Golden Age" of diverse cartoons must not lose momentum

The last few years have brought a surge of good cartoons to our television screens — a “Golden Age,” as some people are calling it. They’ve brought representation back into children’s television.

Letter to the Editor: CMU's custodial staff deserve fair pay, appreciation from community

It’s time that we, too, start viewing our custodial staff as part of our Carnegie Mellon family

Democracy is worthless when based on wealth

Money in politics is the biggest threat to our democracy, and it has infected the operations and priorities of both political parties.

Letter to the Editor: Student-led diversity conversation should keep growing louder

We recognize that it is everyone’s responsibility to play a role in fostering a diverse campus community. As a result, we did our part by hosting two student-driven Diversity Forums.

Robertson's gender equality victory cannot forget Pao

The Tartan hopes that this will set a precedent for women filing and winning cases against corporate giants. However, we have to realize that this is a limited victory.

Teachers, students must collaborate for healthier finals

The transition from Spring Carnival to finals is stressful. Students are finally able to look forward to summer, but often take that deadline as license to push themselves to their limits.

Journalism is indispensable for progressive society

Kuznia's story highlights the need for continued support and patronage of local and national journalism.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is gearing up for the last week of classes, finals, and the future this week. So we asked graduating seniors,
"What are you doing after graduation?"

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