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Matt and Kim get CMU dancing and grooving

People danced wildly, sang, and screamed their lungs hoarse.

For 101st year, Carnival booths display scenes from a Living Library

This year's Booth competitors brought some of literature's most beloved books to life.

Middleditch and Nanjiani bring the laughs

CMU students respond enthusiastically to an evening of great humor and robot jokes.

Student film festival expands following

In only its third year, the Shot for Shot student film festival is still young enough that each year the program gets notably better.

DS celebrates anniversary

This year, Dancers’ Symposium (DS), a student-run organization that puts on a two-act dance show each semester, celebrated their 25th year at Carnegie Mellon.

Audiences ponder the future of their friendships

A work of pure genius from Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, Merrily explores the progression of a friendship among three people in reverse chronological order.

Advice for awkward people

Dear Evan, As I was getting ready to go out and start my three exquisite nights of Carnival debauchery, an alien knocked on my door. I knew she (it?)...

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