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Google could change minds by eliminating its gender bias

It comes as a major disappointment that the Internet’s largest search giant conforms to gender bias.

Rubio represents threat to future of Democrats

Rubio's campaign not only puts the Democrats in a bad position for the near future, but it also undercuts the liberal message that Republican politics are relics of a bygone era.

Clinton not yet a proven progressive

Many progressives have already thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton — here's why true progressives should wait to jump on the Hillary Bandwagon.

Temporary technical failures won't prevent SpaceX's ascent into private space industry

In order to create an environment conducive to progress, people have to give that progress a chance. SpaceX’s most recent failure was public, but that does not diminish their accomplishments.

Tragedy reminds us to embrace our roots

It took a tragedy to draw me back into a sense of belonging in my hometown, my high school, and, on some level, my family, and that terrifies me.

JFC budgeting process must improve transparency

This year, the JFC process has frustrated many with its inefficiency and lack of transparency.

Students meet President Suresh halfway for second annual meeting

The Tartan is glad to see Suresh facilitating another productive discussion and inviting student input. But it is also important for students to bring thoughtful questions and concerns to the table.

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