Carnival experience should be balanced and fun

"Is it Carnival yet?" touts the popular Carnegie Mellon student-made website.

"Almost — but it's never too early to pregame."

Thus begins the mythic, magical time of Carnival. The four-day holiday weekend is arguably the most discussed part of Carnegie Mellon's culture. Students treat the weekend as a chance to participate in a "real" college lifestyle — binge-drinking, experimenting with drugs, and partying until the early hours of the morning. While the break is certainly a welcome respite from the normally grueling school year, students should reevaluate how they spend their free time during Carnival.

Administrators and student leaders work hard to fill the four days with a slew of events, from buggy races to networking events to shows. While alumni and families visiting their students (both from the local Pittsburgh community and from afar) take advantage of these activities and embrace Carnival for all that it truly is, students too often miss out on the early morning rolls and late night concerts because they're preoccupied with taking advantage of the time off to get their party on.

"Is it Carnival yet?"

"Almost — but it's not like you'll remember it anyway."

The crazed partying is an undeniable part of the Carnival lifestyle; after all, it's a celebration of the student body. But what shouldn't be a part of Carnival is blacking out, getting sick, overindulging, and wasting valuable time that should be spent enjoying all that our school (in its most relaxed, enjoyable state) can offer.

The Tartan urges students all over campus to consider how they budget their time this Carnival. Spend time relaxing, and partying if that is how you relax, but don't forget that there's so much going on besides the endless parties.

There's a Scotch'n'Soda show, the Shot for Shot film festival, buggy rolls every morning, and more. Go out, explore the other side of Carnival, connect with alumni, and balance yourself.

"is it Carnival yet?"

"Almost — but it makes Carnegie Mellon worth it."