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CMU students create video game to aid in trauma therapy

A team of master’s students in the Entertainment Technology Center have developed a video game that could act as a supplement for trauma therapy.

CMU hosts seminar on user interfaces to understand code

Steven Reiss, a professor of computer science, gave a seminar about his newest project, S6, which expertly searches code repositories.

Internet of things optimizes events while reducing privacy

Student Pugwash is a non-advocacy, educational organization that discusses the implications of science. This article is a summary of last week’s discussion about privacy and the Internet of things.

LCD screens allow digital watches to retain usability

This week's How Things Work explains the science of liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in wristwatches.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs cover The Dress, the origin of matter, new sinkholes in Siberia, self-driving vehicles, greenhouse gases, and prosthetic limbs.

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