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Researchers develop brain-inspired smart technology

Duygu Kuzum, a postgraduate in electrical engineering at Standford University, spoke about nanoelectronics.

Researchers model Sickle Cell behavior

Researchers including President Subra Suresh and others from MIT and UPMC have developed a new, improved model of Sickle Cell behavior.

CMU hosts panel on role of women in technology

A panel of women who work at Capital One discussed various issues pertaining to women in technical fields.

Pugwash: United Kingdom allows first procedure to alter human DNA

The United Kingdom has approved the first procedure involving manipulation of human DNA, and has raised moral questions about genetic engineering.

How Things Work: Electric Guitars

This week's How Things Work explains how electric guitars work.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs are about stem cells treating radiation, burials spreading Ebola, E-cigarettes lowering immunity, the Sierra Nevada red fox, and predicting life spans.

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