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Lunar Gala Vestige more bombastic than ever

This year’s Lunar Gala was, if possible, bigger and more hyped than last year’s show. It continued a long Carnegie Mellon tradition that lets students strut their stuff, literally.

Warhol’s life illuminated by time capsule reveal

The real star, however, was special guest Benjamin Liu. Liu worked with Warhol for many years as an assistant, and provided commentary on the various items as they were pulled from the box.

Rosamund Pike emerges as Hollywood lead

Nearly every leading lady in the running has been nominated for an Oscar before, and some have won as well. There is one exception to this trend though - Rosamund Pike.

Finding your place in a paradise abroad

The most useful piece of advice I received was this: Expect everything to be completely different, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the similarities.

Seasonally perfect confections

I love to fight off the cold first with a warm bubble bath, and then with something rich, hot, smooth and mouthwatering: chocolate lava cakes.

My Fair Lady puts everyone in a good mood

Do you like witty jokes? Do you like cleverly cloaked social commentary? Do you like stupidly catchy songs?

Phipps Conservatory opens exhibit featuring the Congo

If you’re searching for a warm, exotic haven from Pittsburgh winter, look no further

Advice for awkward people

Do you have any secrets on how to survive these terrible times?

Friends remains a cultural fixture

With so many new initiates, the obvious question is this: How does Friends hold up, more than 20 years since its inception?

New show on ABC explores immigrant experiences

The show addresses Asian-American struggles in a lighthearted manner, to raise the awareness of the difficulties and perseverance with no intention to offend viewers.


Tuesday 2.10.15 MAM Speakers Series presents Lynne Conner. Hamburg Hall 1001. 12 p.m. Lynne Conner offers material from her new book: Audience Engagement...

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