Student Senate meeting minutes

New finance allocation form

The Finance Committee presented a new version of the form for finance allocation requests to Senate at Thursday’s meeting.

The new form, unlike the old finance allocation form, does not show the organization’s previous allocations and has more white space to make it easier to read at a glance. The Finance Committee took suggestions from Senate for improvements that can be made to the form.

Special allocation: Tennis Club

Senate voted to allocate $885 to the university’s Tennis Club, which was requested to help the club go to a tournament. The Tennis Club did not expect to go to the tournament when they laid out their budget for this year, but ended up doing better than expected.

Election Board presentation

Student Body president, and senior electrical and computer engineering and business administration double major Ian Glasner presented the members of this year’s Election Board to Senate, and laid out the elections timeline. Senate did not find any issue with the proposed Election Board members.

Vacancy elections

Seven students were elected to Senate as part of vacancy elections, including sophomore communication design major Zainab Aliyu, sophomore architecture major Kruti Koppolu, first-year computer science major Angela Wang, first-year computer science major Yeongwoo Hwang, junior mechanical engineering major Paul Kioko, sophomore chemical engineering major Udaya Malik, and first-year undeclared Dietrich College student Michael Gormley.

Editors’s Note: Kruti Koppolu and Udaya Malik are members of The Tartan’s staff.