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Oklahoma's revision of history is the opposite of patriotic

Being proud to be an American does not require us as citizens to pledge blind allegiance. It is possible to be patriotic and still have a critical understanding of what our history truly looks like.

Mars colony has potential, but caution still advised

The idea of a human colony on another planet is exciting and could present a major opportunity for the human race. However, it is also a prospect fraught with unknowns.

Jump on the boat for U.S. television diversity

Fresh Off the Boat depicts aspects of my childhood, as well as that of many other Asian-Americans, that I’d never seen television before

Deregulate drones to avoid dystopia

While flying devices need rules and regulations for the safety of the general public, the FAA's proposal would prevent most drone-related businesses or services from taking off.

Parks ends, but Leslie will stay feminist hero

While Parks and Rec has a strong ensemble cast and witty writing, it is Leslie’s strength that drives the show. Leslie shows us what a feminist can look like in 21st Century middle America.

Letter to the editor: Be anti-war in action, not only word

Violence does not prevent violence. Do two decades of continuous war against these people not illustrate this?

U.S. aid to Ukraine should not be given thoughtlessly

Barack Obama has said that the United States is considering “lethal defensive weapons” if diplomacy fails. Should the United States consider this strategy that has failed in other conflicts?

John Oliver rightly spotlights bully tobacco industry

John Oliver criticized major tobacco corporations for threatening to sue smaller nations trying to pass public health laws that would help reduce smoking rates.

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