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Stephen Hawking biopic favorite at Oscars despite flaws

Do not go into The Theory of Everything looking for a good story, and if you can help it, go in knowing nothing at all about Stephen Hawking.

Shonda Rhimes brings more than entertainment to screen

Thursday nights are Shonda Nights. No questions asked. And this past Thursday marked the highly anticipated return.


Tuesday 2.3.15 Art Lecture Series. Kresge Theater. 5 p.m. The School of Art’s spring lecture series continues with Peter Schumann, a renowned puppeteer...

Advice for awkward people

We’ve been fighting more about the littlest things, and he’s started having dinner with his friends most of the time instead of me. I think it’s because of the walrus.

Tales from Abroad: the beautiful Alhambra

I’ve always loved the physical signs of history. I love that the rushing tide of human life has carved its structures and swirls into the world.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure pokes fun at anime traditions

While there are older animated adaptations of the acclaimed manga by Hirohiko Araki, the latest run is jam-packed with visual charm and a great sense of style.

Let them eat cake and ice cream

I've come up with a really fun idea that can be made almost entirely with store-bought ingredients: The ice cream cake cupcake.

A Blackout you'll actually remember

The title of the show, Blackout, a dramatic concept, emphasizes the powerful and drastic nature of the artwork inside The Frame.

Russian repertoire enchants audience

Modern-looking auditory buffers and wall-to-floor red velvet carpeting completes the experience, making a potential viewer feel like he stepped into an old European opera house.

Phosphorescent Blues confuses fans

Coming off of the success of their last studio album Who’s Feeling Young Now, the band had a lot to live up to, keeping fans happy while continuing to explore their sound.

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