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Don’t be bitter on V-day, embrace love that is everywhere

Seeing so much love in the world gives me hope that I won’t be watching from the sidelines forever. One day, when all the stars align, I’ll find the love that’s meant for me.

Abandon partisanship for healthcare solution

I’d like to challenge lawmakers to come up with a practical solution that actually solves the problems facing the healthcare system and has the potential to get past Obama’s veto.

Vaccination is not partisan issue

But how can an educated politician such as Christie support “choice” on vaccination, based only on the incorrect assumption that vaccines are indeed a plausible cause for autism?

Apple and Tesla set to take world on wild ride

Apple and Tesla have always traditionally avoided each other, holding a grudging respect for the other’s dominance in their respective fields. They are finally getting into each other’s crosshairs.

Social media makes ISIS more credible, bigger threat

ISIS has crafted a media image for itself so powerful that it controls its own narrative. This should not be possible for one of the world’s most hated political entities.

Urban Outfitters’ clothes not worth its bad practices

The Tartan does not support the business practices of Urban Outfitters, but the chain has no incentive to change their ways without a clear message from consumers.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan tried to film a remake of Frosty the Snowman this week, but we froze into snowmen ourselves. So we asked,
What did we do to deserve such subzero temperatures?

Fifty Shades is a hundred shades of controversial

Had Fifty Shades empowered women’s sexuality more than it romanticizes domestic abuse, The Tartan would stand behind it in support.

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